Why do we put things off?

putting things off

A few days ago I was working on the bulb culture’s Slideshare presentation and I came across a quote which really rang true to me. “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”- Pablo Picasso

It truly is a beautiful and powerful quote but besides that it brings up the question, why do we put things off? The most common activity for example which people tend to put off is exercise. Even though it’s recommended by doctors all around the world and we know it has many great health benefits, why do we put it off?

So I decided to come up with a few theories to as why people tend to put of certain tasks or even opportunities which have been presented before them.

The first one being it’s outside of their interest. It’s a simple enough reason but most of the time why people tend to put a lot of things off is because it does not catch their attention. To them it’s seen as a boring and tedious task and they would rather be doing something else, anything else but that particular task.

The second one being is pure laziness. A lazy person is going to put off a task no matter if it’s something which excites them in any way or if it has the opposite effect on them. He/She just knows that as long as the task requires a little bit of effort on his or her behalf they’re going to want no part in it.

The third one which a lot of people have an issue with is commitment. How many times have you heard someone say “If I had stuck with it at the time I would have been one of the greats.” We’ve all heard and saw someone reminiscing about something which they did not accomplish or stick to simply because their fear of commitment was greater than their hunger for success.

People want to learn to play the guitar, take up photography and go back to school to obtain their degree. But the only thing which is keeping them from acquiring new skills and making their dreams a reality is the fear of commitment. Stay focused, stay motivated and tackle your tasks and objectives head on.

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Written By Jacob Rozanski

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