How to recharge your motivation?


Motivating yourself is not an easy thing to do. For some people it’s pretty challenging. But you see the real trick is not being able to motivate yourself, but staying motivated. We often come in contact with various external forces which possess and carry around so much negative energy that at times it tends to wear off on us.

Let me put it this way. Our phone is powered by a battery which is inside of it. When we notice that our phone’s battery is running low we plug a wall adapter (charger) into it.

Our brain is like the phone’s battery. When it’s fully charged we’re all happy and cheerful and our motivation level is at one hundred percent. Throughout the day as we begin to do things our level of motivation begins to decrease and when there is a negative external force present our level of motivation begins to decrease quicker than usual.

When the phone’s battery was low we plugged it into a wall adaptor. But what do we plug our brains into when we’re low on motivation? Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Read and recite your favourite motivational quotes. This is sure to keep you motivated throughout the day and the great thing about them is, whenever you feel demotivated think about a few of them and they’ll bring your motivation level right back up.
  2. Search the web for motivational and inspirational videos. Now when I mean search the web don’t get distracted by the videos on YouTube’s home page, really listen to what the speakers have to say and get something meaningful out of them. After all you’re doing this for yourself.
  3. Read an uplifting book. For some of you out there reading a book might not be your favourite activity, but it is a proven fact that reading a book which has a positive message to share will keep you motivated throughout the entire day.
  4. Keep up to date to with your friends at The Bulb Culture where our goal is to motivate you one step at a time.

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Written By Jacob Rozanski

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The Bulb Culture

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4 thoughts on “How to recharge your motivation?

  1. Great analogy! Those demotivators can be killer, so it’s definitely important to “plug in.” For me, the best way to do that is #2, listening to a motivational video on YouTube. I have a few go-tos that are just awesome and get me fired up every time! Like Zig Ziglar said, it’s great to listen to motivational things when you’re down, but it’s much more beneficial to listen when you’re “up.” Just like you said, the key is staying motivated, not getting motivated. Great post!


  2. I too watch motivational videos when I need to get myself back up again. Even though I know some of them by heart by now, I always get an extra burst of energy. Same goes when I feel like working out, which in turn also motivates me to do other things.
    Great tips Jacob!


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