Break free from your cage

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I am currently reading a book by world renowned motivational speaker and trainer Brendon Burchard, “The Motivation Manifesto.” It’s a pretty great book so far and I came across an idea which I found quite intriguing.

You see, in one of the chapters Brendon used a cage as a metaphor for society and the people within that society were lions. The cage otherwise know as society consisted of these big thick and strong metal bars. It had a pretty solid structure and the inhabitants of that society were not able to break free with the exception of one or two. I’ll let you how some of the inhabitants were able to break free a little later but right now I’m going to let you guys know what affect the cage (society) had on these inhabitants.

The lions within that cage felt secure, they felt safe. They knew that whatever lay beyond that cage could do them no harm. They were fearless not because they knew how to survive but because they were aware of the fact that they would not have to. Within those bars they were accepted and treated as equals. They got their fair share each day and that was it. Although deep down inside, they dreamt of being on the outside and running alongside those who refused to be held in captivity by society’s standards.

The ones who broke free were happy. They were strong, passionate, energetic and full of life. They didn’t feel the need to live up to society’s standards and they took a stand against them. They created their own path to greatness and not the one which society had created for them.

They broke free because they believed in themselves, they went with their gut feeling and they somehow knew that what they were about to do was just right.

Written By Jacob Rozanski

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One thought on “Break free from your cage

  1. Awesome idea. I came across his stuff on YouTube and it’s great. I agree with you…society fixes us in a cage. The inside is secure and safe, and that’s fine for some people. But for the ones who refuse to stay captive, learning how to escape is liberating. In a lot of ways, teaching how to escape that cage is what I think life coaches do. Great stuff!


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