Eat What You Kill


One of my mentors was talking to me about a time when he worked in direct sales for an insurance company, and he said it was an eat-what-you kill way to live…in other words, he earned every sale, whether he paid in the time it took to sell, or the time it took to learn how to sell effectively. In a corporate position, if you don’t give your best, you still get paid. In a direct sales position in which you only earn commission, if you don’t sell, you don’t eat. But he said that when he got paid, he felt as though he had honestly earned it.

I was thinking about this and how it applies to all of our lives, and I think a lot of us feel we are entitled to certain things. This includes breaks during work, vacations, days off, raises, love, etc. The truth is, none of us are entitled to anything. It’s easy to get into a mindset where we take things like this for granted, but if you’re complaining that you deserve a raise or a better relationship or a fitter body, then maybe the reason you aren’t getting it is because you aren’t earning it.

I think it’s better to get into the eat-what-you-kill mindset, where you know if you want something, you have to earn it. I’ve always said that everything in life costs exactly what it’s worth to have. If you want something more than you have, you’re going to have to do more than you’re currently doing. Work smarter or harder for a raise or increased sales. Be more loving and understanding in a relationship if you want more out of it. If you’re in school and you want better grades, that change is going to come from your work, not the professor.

When you get into this mindset, you realize that your life is up to you. Any change you make in the way you do things will make a difference in what you get. It may not be immediate, but it will happen. So figure out what in your life you want to change, and then earn it. Eat what you kill.

Written By Dan Simms


The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

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