The shoes which would not fit


Over the weekend I decided to go out and buy myself a brand new pair of dress shoes which would accompany my grey suit quite well. I drove over to the store and I was approached by the store clerk which had asked me if I needed assistance. I smiled and I told him that I’m looking for a nice pair of dress shoes which would go well with a grey suit.

He recommended this beautiful brown pair of dress shoes which were just perfect. I told him my shoe size and he went out to the back to get them for me. While I waited I sat there taking in that brand new shoe smell and within a few seconds he had brought out the shoes which I had asked for.

I put the shoes on and for the first few seconds they felt absolutely fine. I was pretty happy with the overall quality and design, but there was one small thing which was bugging me. They were kind of tight. I wiggled my toes around for a bit and I could feel that blood was circulating around my toes. I walked around in the shoes for a few minutes more and I said to myself “Ah, what the heck I’ll take them.”  Before I left the store I asked the store assistant if the shoes would stretch? And he replied back with “slightly.”

When I got home I put the shoes away into my closest and as the day went on I couldn’t wrap my head around one thing. Why did those shoes feel so tight? I decided to let it go and I convinced myself that it was all in my head.

This morning as I was heading into the office I decided to put on my grey suit and my new shoes. I got into my car, dropped my brother off at school and on the way to the office my feet were killing me. Well to be completely honest with you I didn’t feel a thing, because my feet had gone numb. I rummaged through the back pocket of my pants at home and I came across the receipt. It turned out that the shoes which I had just purchased were one size too small and the trainee which I encountered over the weekend got his sizes messed up.

I called up the store this morning and explained the situation to them. They were happy to exchange the shoes for a bigger size and everything worked out well in the end.

The moral of the story is, if something doesn’t fit or feel right at first change it when you’ve got the chance.

Sometimes we tend to tell ourselves that it will all work out as time progresses, but when we truly feel that something will not change for the better due to the passage of time change it immediately. Because it may very well be the decision which saves you and the people around you a lot of pain.

Comment down below if you’ve been in a similar situation and have a nice day.

Written By Jacob Rozanski

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8 thoughts on “The shoes which would not fit

  1. For some reason your posts aren’t showing up in my “Blogs I Follow” feed…kind of driving me crazy haha. This is great. I think that fallacy of thinking that something that doesn’t feel right will change over time is something lots of people struggle with. “Blink” by Malcolm Gladwell is all about this…great book that talks about our intuition and our ability to recognize a problem subconsciously almost immediately, even though it takes our conscious mind much longer.

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    1. I’m definitely going to have to check that book out.

      If you have any other awesome book recommendations let me know I’m sort of on the lookout for some new reading material.

      Thanks for checking out The Bulb Culture’s posts as always !!!

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