Move along your path

I sent out one of my daily emails some time ago about the fact that the number of critics you have will increase in proportion to your success. You can use it as a measuring tool for success almost as accurately as you can use money, and the reason is because a lot of people thrive on negativity. You shouldn’t take it personally. If it wasn’t you they were attacking, it would be someone else. Take pride in the fact that they found and chose you.

I was reading through some old emails of mine when I came across that one, and I just kept thinking of how we need a balance of selfishness and selflessness in our lives in order to be successful. The people who try to drag you down are doing so because of two reasons: 1) they thrive on negativity, and 2) you’re doing something they wish they could do themselves. These are people you have to move past. You have a settled purpose, and you have to realize that you’re going to have to move past people, above them, in order to reach your goal. Some part of you has to be okay with this kind of selfishness. There will be people you’ll have to pass on your way to the top. That’s just the way it is. It’s like survival of the fittest, business-style.

On the other hand, selflessness is what connects you to those people you pass by, and to others. Connections and relationships and empathy will all help you on your way to success because they allow you to form the relationships you need to keep ascending and to keep yourself on track and accountable.

There has to be this balance of selfishness and selflessness, of helping yourself and helping others, otherwise you’ll find yourself stuck somewhere along the line. Help yourself too much and you risk not providing service to other people (what you get paid for); help others too much and your own success falls behind.

How do you create this balance?

Written By Dan Simms

The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

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