Pursuit of Happiness


As I’m sure you know, the Declaration of Independence lists three unalienable rights of Americans: the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s about this third right that I want to write this morning.

I’m sure I could fire up some people by mentioning that everyone has an equal right to pursue happiness, which includes the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the males and the females, the minorities and the majorities…and not that they have a right to happiness itself (hmm…did I just start that argument?)

Instead I wanted to mention YOU. I think a lot of people tend to stumble through life, or to go with the flow and take the road they’re handed. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it will probably help you get by. Maybe you took a job right out of high school or college, or when you had a child, or just to earn some money, and you’re still there. It’s respectable…you’re earning an honest living. But WHEN are you going to pursue your happiness?

It’s been said, and I completely agree, that if you’re not working to fulfill your dream, you’re working to fulfill someone else’s dream. If you work for another company or individual, or spend money on going to the movies, or browse the internet, or even watch TV, you’re helping someone else realize their dream.

So do what a lot of people are either too afraid or too wrapped up in daily life to do: stop and think, when am I going to pursue MY happiness? Maybe it’s not something you’ve ever thought of before, or maybe your happiness, your dream is just too scary. That’s fine. Other people’s dreams are important too. You can help them reach theirs.

But for those of you who aren’t too scared or intimidated, let’s hear it! Put “I am pursuing my happiness!” in the comments.

Written By Dan Simms


The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

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