The responsibility of Power


We will all get to experience some form of power within our lives. It might be coaching a football team, managing a new project at the office or simply declaring that we are going to take full control of our lives.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”- Voltaire 

This particular quote may be a little bit of a cliché and it always seems to remind me of the first Spider-man movie for some reason. But it’s one of the best quotes to keep in the back of your mind when you feel like you’re in a position of power.

People often claim that when a weak individual who has stood along the sidelines for the majority of his life, comes to a position of power he will abuse that power and act vindictive towards others. Instead of uplifting those around them, their main aim is to bring people down and that they will soon forget where they came from. In other words the power will eventually go to their heads. But that might not be necessarily true.

In “The Motivation Manifesto” Brendon Burchard has a quite different take when it comes to power and I agree with him one-hundred percent. He claims that a person will not suddenly change when he comes to a position of power.

“The evil person will only become more evil with greater power. The kind person, kinder. The loving, more loving. The generous, more generous. As we seek money or influence, let us be clear about who we are today, knowing that this will simply be amplified when we gain power.”

Continue to be the loving, caring, passionate and strong willed person that you are today and as you work your way towards a position of power remember that your traits will only be amplified when you finally reach it. So make it your mission today to be the person which you want to see succeed.

What type of person are you? Let us know in the comment section.

Written By Jacob Rozanski

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5 thoughts on “The responsibility of Power

  1. Reblogged this on Pain – Passion – Purpose (P3) My Story… and commented:
    I often think of how I would behave if I won the lottery. Would I lose my mind and abandon my good senses? Or, would I fulfill my dreams of helping others achieve the greatness they were created for? This blog post that I am sharing gives me hope that I would do the latter.

    I would use whatever I am blessed with to be a blessing to others. However, I am only concerned with teaching others how to fish and not giving them fish; therefore, my lottery winnings would be used to open establishments purposed to educate and motivate others.

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    1. “Motivate and lead others to greatness.” That would be a wonderful way to spend your lottery winnings Davina. And setting up establishments which would facilitate those who are looking for inspiration and motivation that’s genius. Thank You for following us and have a nice day !!!

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  2. One of your best posts, my friend. I really enjoyed this one, and I agree. The person you are doesn’t change, only the things that happen to that person change. So choose goals that will amplify the good traits. I love it.


  3. If I ruled the world, I would follow the rule in which I rule the world with….i would be transparent in my intentions, showing attributes I would expect others to model. I would have the same friends and same my purpose (to spread Love as a faith)….so I guess I am a Leader that would use my power to empower others.

    P.S. People change all the time, but Happiness comes from them being consistent and staying the same. Why would we want someone we already Love to change????

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