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My brother’s bachelor party was yesterday. He has been working on a ’68 Camaro for quite a few years now, and he finally got to race it down the track yesterday with his friends, who have also built their own cars. It was exciting to watch, but also enlightening.

When the driver sets up to race, they do a burnout to warm up the tires. This is the preparation, along with the months or years it takes to build a motor and transmission. Success requires preparation and warming up. I think far too many people jump into things without preparing adequately for them. I’m not against this at all…but if you do jump into something, you have to realize that you’re going to have to learn quickly. As Les Brown says, “jump, and learn to fly on the way down.”

Then they stage the car and wait for the green light. This, to me, represents timing. If you’re putting out a product or service, or seeking a meaningful relationship, or starting a business, or going for a promotion, or whatever your version of success is, it requires proper timing. Like Jane Atkinson suggests in “The Wealthy Speaker,” you should take a “Ready, Aim, Fire” approach. Get ready, wait for the right time and take aim at your target, and then fire.

Once the green light flashes, they maul the accelerator. As I was watching this yesterday, I noticed that the tires spin uncontrollably at first as the car slowly gains traction. They can continue to spin for a hundred feet or so, and then finally they grab and the car picks up massive speed. This represents the work and time success takes. I’ve always said that everything in life costs exactly what it’s worth to have. If you’re working on building a business or writing a book, they’re going to require the amount of time that they’re worth.

When you’re starting out, you’re going to spin your tires. You’re going to be putting in massive amounts of work and seemingly going nowhere. But those drivers don’t give up, and neither should you. Keep your foot on the accelerator. Eventually you will gain traction, and all of that power will be put into moving forward, rather than gaining traction. Success takes time and patience.

So nail that accelerator, put the time and effort in that it takes to gain traction, and you’ll be barrelling toward the realization of your goal in no time at all.

Written By Dan Simms


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