Who will you inspire?


When was the last time you were inspired? The time when you were at a complete loss and suddenly someone or something changed how you felt on the inside. How you saw yourself in the mirror and who inspired you to work harder than ever?

I remember the first time when I came across one of Les Brown’s seminars and how it inspired me to do what I am doing today.

On stage he was powerful, energetic and full of life. He was there for a reason and he had a purpose for being there which was to uplift, motivate, inspire and lead the people present towards greatness. That was the moment when I knew what I was destined to do in life and who I wanted to be. While I sat there watching the video I could relate to the things which he was saying. “We” shared a few laughs and I felt as if he was speaking directly to me. It was an amazing feeling and at that moment I knew who I was destined to be. I was destined to motivate and inspire people throughout the world.

I hope that one day I can inspire someone in a way that Les Brown, Brendon Burchard, Anthony Robbins, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney inspired me to go out and do something wonderful in life. To live a life of meaning and passion and to make an impact on someone’s life for the better not the worse.

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Written By Jacob Rozanski

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