Never give in


I believe that it is essential to have an activity which allows you to discharge any remaining energy which you may have acquired throughout the day. Whether it’s meditation, exercise, playing an instrument, reading, whatever. As long as you have something which you can turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed or you simply want to excel at, you’re one step ahead of everyone else.

Exercise is my thing. Running in particular. Growing up I was never a sport orientated individual. I skipped gym class most of the time and finally in my last year of high school I decided to make a change. During that summer I worked my ass off to lose some weight and when I went back to high school I was a completely different individual. I was confident, quick, agile instead of slow, clumsy and shy. I took gym class head on going from C’s and D’s to straight A’s for the whole year. During our last gym session our teacher took us aside and told us to try and do a small bit of exercise each week. Most people ignored him at the time but I listened and he’s a gym teacher after all he’s hardly going to tell us to go out and eat junk food right?

I graduated almost a year ago and I’ve been working out every single day since then. I exercise twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening and during yesterday’s session I felt like I was about to breakdown.

I was pushing myself to the limit, my heart rate was up from the usual and I was sweating like crazy. My legs were on fire, on the verge of giving out and I could barely catch my breath. Everything was telling me that it was time to stop and just as I was about to the words “YOU CAN’T GIVE IN” resonated inside my head. I took a deep breath, looked out the window, and reminded myself why I started exercising in the first place and I killed the session all together.

So the next time you feel like you can’t go on, push yourself even further and refuse to give in. You’ll be stronger and better because of it. If you push yourself each and every day you’ll be one step closer to SUCCESS.

Written By Jacob Rozanski

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The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

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3 thoughts on “Never give in

  1. This is great stuff. Strength training is what I use for this purpose, and it constantly makes me reassess my life…I redefine what it means to give 100% every time I go lift, and that definitely carries over to success and all of my endeavors.

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    1. Fitness is another thing which we have in common Dan, ha ha. I believe that every skill we learn and every endeavor in which we take part in, is transferable and applicable to our journey towards greatness in some way.

      Jacob Rozanski-The Bulb Culture

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