Are you willing to die for what YOU want?


This morning I was thinking about my goals and aspirations. I took some time to write them down and review them, and to consider my progress toward each of them thus far. I realized that I had two different kinds of goals: those that I wanted to achieve, and those that I NEEDED to achieve.

The difference between them is subtle, and I hadn’t even realized the difference until this morning. There are goals I have for fitness, for golf, for my income…and these are things that I want. I really want to achieve them, and I’m confident that I will. But then there are these two other goals that are different. I thought to myself, these goals…these goals I would die to achieve, because I would die if I didn’t achieve them anyway.

These words that I thought were so powerful and they electrified me. These goals are the ones that I will absolutely achieve, because I know in my heart that I will never let myself stop working on these, regardless of the circumstances. These goals are my passion.

So I encourage you to think about your goals. Firstly, you need to write them down and keep them in mind all day long. Keep them on an index card in your pocket and read them several times a day. “A man is what he think about all day long,” so control what you think about. Secondly, consider the fact that one or two of your goals mean everything to you. There’s probably one that stands out, one that you would actually die for, because failing to achieve it would be so close to dying that you might as well have died. This is the kind of goal that you will achieve, hands down. “Nothing can resist a will that stakes even existence for its fulfillment.” Stake your existence for the goals that keep you alive.

What are those goals for you? What means so much to you that you’re willing to die in pursuit of it?

Written By Dan Simms


The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

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