Tweaking your mindset to change your life


I’ve found that life can get significantly better in an extremely short amount of time, instantly really, by changing our attitude.

I believe in the idea that you reap what you sew, you get out what you put in. I think about this most of the time related to work and salary: if you provide more service, you will be paid more. But I think there’s another important application. If we send happiness and positivity out into the world, to everyone with whom we come in contact, we will get the same back from people.

I think it works because people see that we are positive, and intuitively know that they should either be positive to talk to us, or not seek out a conversation. I think it also works because we see what we look for in life. Look around the room for everything brown. See all of the brown things. Now close your eyes and try to picture as many blue things as you can. When you’re done struggling, look around the room for all of the blue things. You’ll undoubtedly see more blue when you are looking for blue. You always find what you’re looking for, so spend some time and energy looking for the positive parts of everything and everyone. It will make an enormous difference in your life.

Send positivity out into the world and expect it back. It will improve your life instantaneously.

Written By Dan Simms


The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

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