Change the way you see yourself


The law of attraction works to manifest your thoughts outside of your mind, but what about inside of it? Of course it does.

We all have a blueprint of how we are supposed to be as a human. An idea of what we should look like physically, how we should act socially, our intelligence, etc. When something we do isn’t in accordance with our blueprint, we get angry, or frustrated. Think of someone who doesn’t earn as much money as they’d like, or struggles to lose the weight they want to lose. This person will be disappointed in themselves with each paycheck, or with each time they step on the scale. They see that something they have been doing has kept them from adhering to their blueprint.

It’s possible to alter your blueprint. Wake up 10 minutes earlier, look yourself in the mirror, and tell yourself you are what you want to be. This sounds silly, but it works. It works because your subconscious mind will hear the things you’re telling it. It will slowly begin to accept those things and work them into your blueprint.

Now throughout your day, your subconscious will look for opportunities to adhere to that blueprint, and any time you don’t (ie spend money frivolously or eating a doughnut) you will think, “that isn’t me. Why did I do that?”

Changing your blueprint can be a slow process, so stick with it. Give it 30 days and see just how much you can change.

Written By Dan Simms


The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

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