Keep Moving Forward: For when you’re not motivated


It’s difficult sometimes to stay motivated, but it’s even more difficult to get motivated. Our subconscious minds like to do the same thing every single day. They detest change.

This makes it hard to accept change, even when the opportunity is sitting right in front of you in a email/blog post. It’s easy just to go about your life as normal, but I promise it’s worth it to take the plunge and try to train your subconscious. It only takes 30 days.

Remember this when you find that you have stopped reading these emails/blog posts, or stopped listening to motivational tapes, or maybe stopped your 30-day challenge before it was finished: you cannot move backward. Everything you have learned and internalized has taken you to a new level that was higher than where you were before. You can’t slip backward!

There are two things you can do: sit still, or move forward. Once your mind accepts an idea, it can never rid of it. It may alter it, or rework it, but it will always be there. You can’t unlearn things. So each day you learn either from these emails/posts or somewhere else will never be taken away from you. Any idea or belief you accept will always be yours. So if you do stop motivating yourself, you’re not “behind” when you come back to it. Just make sure you come back…

Written By Dan Simms


The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

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