The conditions will never be PERFECT


Boxes…boxes…boxes everywhere. It’s official I have finally moved into my own apartment. These past few days have been pretty exhausting with decorating, lifting heavy boxes (which contained a bunch of stuff which I don’t even use) and handy men fixing all of the bits and pieces which I didn’t even know were faulty.

I’m still pretty tired but I’m happily settled in now. Here’s the thing. A few months ago I have set myself a series of goals in the health and fitness category. And I have been demolishing them every since. It’s a good feeling when I can see and feel all of the hard work paying off.

When I unpacked the last box I sat down on the couch and couldn’t help to notice that something was missing. Something which I can’t live without and after a while of contemplating it hit me. My treadmill was at my parents house.

I’ve been running for quite a while now but all the running which I had done up to this point had been done on the treadmill. I knew that I couldn’t bring the treadmill up to my apartment as it is way to small to accommodate it. So I decided to leave exercising off for one day.

That same evening I looked at myself in the mirror and I was proud of what I was looking at. I made a commitment to myself and I stuck to it. But knowing that I had simply “given up” because my conditions had slightly changed made me feel sick. This morning I got up at 7:00 am and without even thinking I put on my running gear and just ran. It was a totally new experience running outside but it was truly worth it. I got to see things which I usually miss on my daily commute to the office and it was awesome. I ran alongside a train, waved to a few other joggers and even got a great big gulp of “fresh” air. Which keeping me going whilst writing this post.

After the run I came back stronger than ever, because I did not allow the change of my environment affect the progress which I have already made. Sure it was different but I adapted to the environment which was around me.

In life our conditions and our environment will never remain perfect, they will change due to the passage of time and then it’s a case of whether you’re willing to adapt or give up on what you’re trying to accomplish.

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” 

Let me know if you have ever been in a similar situation and how you have adapted in order to continue your journey towards greatness.

Written By Jacob Rozanski

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The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

A few years ago Jacob was a video game journalist and ran a blog called WordLoops, until he found his true calling to Motivate and Inspire people all around the world. Which led to the creation of “The Bulb Culture”. He is now a Life Coach in Ireland and lives each day as if it was his last. You can follow him on Twitter over @wordloops

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