Why you’re not responsible for your life


I totally tricked you. You’re absolutely responsible for everything that happens to you, but who would read a post that says, “you’re the reason you don’t have the life you want” unless they already accepted that fact?

I thought about how your thoughts can drastically affect your perception of life. Imagine you’re in a dark alley, walking alone, and you hear what sounds like footsteps behind you. Your heart rate will increase, adrenaline will pump through your body, and you will likely start sweating. Then you turn around to see that the noise was really a piece of paper that the wind was pushing across the ground.

Thoughts are physical things, and can change your physical body and the outside world. Amazing. The point is that the physical response of fear when you hear a piece of paper being blown around and think you hear footsteps in a dark alley is not actually in response to danger. You experience all of those REAL, bodily responses all because of a piece of paper.

So the events in life are not the things that affect you. Instead, your reaction to the events is what matters, and what dictates how the event affects you. Pretty cool stuff!

So when something happens in life, remember that it’s not happening to you. It doesn’t dictate how it affects you. Instead, YOU decide how to react to the event. If events don’t affect you, and instead the way you react to them dictates your life…then you are responsible for everything in your life. Are you thinking this is bad news? If so, then it’s happening now! Consider this the best news I could give you: if you want anything to change in your life, you can change it because you are in control of how you perceive everything around you.

Now think about this: thoughts are things. So what thoughts can you manifest in the real world that will help you get the life you want and need?

Written By Dan Simms


The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

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