Life’s short, go for it


It’s incredible how many people complain about the little things or how they actually think that they can afford to put their dreams off to the side. I think that people tend to do this because they feel like they’re going to live forever and that time is an unlimited source. Well that’s where they are wrong.

Recently a close family friend has been diagnosed with cancer and I went down to the hospital to visit her yesterday. She’s staying pretty optimistic but the cancer has spread and the doctors are refusing to go ahead with anymore chemotherapy.

As I saw her laying there something hit me just like the news had hit her. Life’s short and you never know if you’re still going to be here tomorrow. You have got to do everything within your power to turn your dream into a reality. It’s not something which you should do, it’s something which you have to do. You owe it to yourself. I don’t know if I’m still going to be here this time next week, but until then I’m going to give 110% of my heart and soul into everything I do so that I can be proud of what I have accomplished.

Don’t let anything stand in your way. There will never be a perfect time to act on your dreams. There just won’t. The woman which I mentioned is still pretty young and she’s got her whole life ahead of her and I know and feel that when she gets out of this she’s going to act on her dreams and live her life to the fullest. We all are.

Written By Jacob Rozanski

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The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

A few years ago Jacob was a video game journalist and ran a blog called WordLoops, until he found his true calling to Motivate and Inspire people all around the world. Which led to the creation of “The Bulb Culture”. He is now a Life and Executive Coach in Ireland and lives each day as if it was his last. You can follow him on Twitter over @JacobRozanski

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