Fake it till you become it


It’s been a while since I took some time to sit down and try to recharge my batteries and regain my verve. The good thing is it’s because I’ve been busy putting myself out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to better my hosting skills over past two weekends. The bad thing is it’s because I’ve had less time and energy to gather my thoughts and put them in words to share with you.

Truth is, after every event I’ve hosted, I reflect and discover areas of improvement and inadequacy. Sometimes, I think about the experience and lifestyle and wonder if I was really suited to be an emcee. I don’t always enjoy the spotlight shining on me nor being the subject of scrutiny. It gets warm, I can’t see who I’m trying to entertain and I am not necessarily comfortable with some of my actions.

So when I saw the video that I shared in my previous post, encouraging us not to fake it till we make it, but to fake it till we become it, I was touched. I love watching moments of vulnerability not because I’m a sadist, but because it’s genuine and sincere. It reminds me that, as much as I’d like to put up a strong and unflappable façade, I’m only human.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy hosting. I think I do. I mean, why else would I have a second go at the annual auditions to finally begin my hosting journey (I think that’s a story for another post, if you’re interested…)?

In this instance, I think that I enjoy emceeing and am actually not too shabby but my reserved personality seems to clash with the vibrancy the job requires. I also believe that I can be pretty versatile, at the expense of me not knowing my true identity or persona.

Such contrasting feelings come about so often in my life that I really believe that life is fair. One good thing will be balanced by one bad thing, it’s only a matter of when. It’s not all that bad a thought, considering how I can look forward to the next great event in my life every time I experience a setback.

Which brings me back to the video and faking it till I become it. It’s probably more of a steady progression, I have to fake it till I make it before I can actually become it. Right now, I’m probably going against my reserved and shy nature by putting myself out there as an emcee/host. Have I made it yet? I don’t know and I’m not sure if I’m the best judge. But I’ve definitely made strides towards it by adding events to my portfolio (and not receiving any complaints!). Will I ever become a good emcee and host? I’m still thinking about it, seeing how things pan out from here and what opportunities I manage to seize.

It’s always a possibility.

If you, like me, find yourself in a predicament of discovering your identity, the answer can be found by sticking to what we’re doing (fake it) and getting great at it (make it). Eventually it’ll become second nature to us without us realizing it (become it). What we can control is that whatever we’re faking is something that we actually enjoy. That’s definitely important.

The next time someone opens up to you and shares that he/she feels like he/she does not belong, tell him/her otherwise. You definitely should be here, you deserve to be here. You’re going to go back out there no matter what and prove it.

You’re gonna fake it. You’re gonna make it. You’re gonna become it.

Written By Robin Loh


The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

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