Work Time > Relaxation Time


For a lot of people doing absolutely nothing is a dream come true. They don’t have to use their brains to think, they don’t have to use their limbs to move around and they don’t have to do anything to progress in life because they have no big vision for themselves.

It’s sad that there are some individuals out there who simply sit through life but there are. So a few days ago I decided to do the “normal thing” and simply relax. What I found out about myself was pretty incredible.

I turned on Netflix and tried to watch a movie but 20 minutes into the movie I got bored and I started thinking about business. Later I decided that I would sit down and read something outside of the self-development genre, but I couldn’t. And I also tried to simply close my eyes and shut everything else off but I couldn’t do that either.

What I learned about myself was that for me working and progressing towards my goals is a form of relaxation.

Maybe you have the same thing?

Written By Jacob Rozanski


The Bulb Culture

Jacob Rozanski is a Life and Employee Engagement Coach, Professional speaker and Entrepreneur based in Ireland. Here is his official website


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