“Am I Good Enough?” 3 Reasons Why You Doubt Yourself.


1. We Think Fitting In is Belonging
Wherever we go, one persistent concern we have is fitting in. So much so that we associate fitting in with belonging.

Fitting in usually involves conformity and pressure to shape our behavior into something more acceptable within the community. It’s about finding a connection to be accepted.

Belonging, on the other hand, should come naturally and you shouldn’t have to be trying hard to fit yourself into a different mold. It’s a connection and acceptance that is genuine and meaningful.

Why fit in, when you can stand out and belong?

2. We Define Success as an Outsider
The grass always seems greener on the other side. But not if you water yours.

This is exacerbated with the prevalence of social media portraying only good moments. We are exposed to others’ apparent joy that causes envy to creep into our minds. While this could be a good thing that spurs us on to achieve greater things, we’re also susceptible to letting feelings of inadequacy consume us.

Success is subjective. What makes us feel successful is an outcome that makes the process worth it. We shouldn’t allow others to place their standards upon ourselves and we shouldn’t define our success using someone else’s either.

Do the things that keep you meaningfully engaged in your own life and you’ll exude natural confidence and self-belief (different from arrogance).

3. You Don’t Want To Let People Down
This concerns our reputations and the expectations of us. The bigger or more exaggerated these are, the greater the pressure on us to deliver. And yet, these influence us to create higher expectations of ourselves which leads to self-doubt. This is exacerbated when people around you claim that you’re “acting humble.”

To avoid the disappointment and increased self-doubt from aiming high and falling short, focus on making things easier for yourself.

Turn your attention inwards and isolate yourself from the external pressures that make things incredibly difficult. Focus on doing your best and trust that it is enough.

Trust yourself.

While we may occasionally land ourselves in these pitfalls, such is life. Just get back up, be the best that you can be and always strive to be a better version of yourself. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back from reaching your potential.

Written By Robin Loh


The Bulb Culture

“Motivating You one step at a time.”

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